Platform Details


Fenics Direct seamlessly provides FX Options clients with aggregated, dealable prices sourced from market-leading Liquidity Providers via Request for Stream (RFS) protocol.

Tradeable Option Pricing feeds are available for over one hundred different currency pairs including G10 currencies and crosses as well as many non-deliverable currencies. Precious metals: XAU and XAG are also available.

Single leg vanillas and all two-legged spreads including calendars, risk reversals, put spreads and call spreads are available for pricing.


Transacting on Fenics Direct is done via the following easy steps:

  • ENTER THE PARAMETERS of the option or spread
  • SELECT THE LIQUIDITY providers that you wish to source
  • REQUEST FOR QUOTE and returned prices will be visible at contributor level as well as an aggregated best bid and offer for single-leg options
  • EXECUTE THE TRADE in two mouse clicks


Fenics Direct connects seamlessly to the customer’s STP system and email trade confirmations are generated upon acceptance of the trade in the user’s front-end system. There is also an option to manually book trades with a blotter facilitating this.


To satisfy internal compliance policies on ‘best-execution’, an audit trail detailing the price composition can be provided on a timely basis.

Becoming a Fenics Direct Client

We work directly with the appropriate legal and compliance contacts at the prospective client’s company to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

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